Can one outside UK take advantage of UK’s new gaming regulations?

The UK government has recently changed the limits on fixed odds betting terminals and it looks like it had an unexpected outcome.

The new limitations apply on all automatic gaming stations that report a margin of over 12%, and some UK operators seem to work now to hit a lower margin on their annual totals.


Making the house lose

Rob Fisher, a former employee of WillHill and Bet365 said to Sky: “The average margin in the industry is 14% (The casino would earn 14% of the amounts played, M.B.). For some casinos that are between 12% and 13% it would make more sense to hit below the 12% mark and run another year without the new limitations. For that they would need to change the odds to nearly 0% profit or even lose a bit over the remaining 2 months until the end of the year”.


Promotions and bonuses

Some online casinos try to hit 2 targets together – they increase their first time bonuses, so that they may suffer losses in the coming two months, but they expect the next year to be better for them.


Is this related to the slot machines bug?

As we have reported last week, some slot machines seem to be losing more money than they bring in.

We have asked for Simon Peter’s feedback on that: “This may be a better explanation to what we see” he says, “The fact that some slot games are clearly not functioning should have already come up. Since it hasn’t – it may suggest this is an intentional change.”



Who can take advantage?

Many people in the gaming industry repeatadly said it would make lots of players from outside UK take advantage of the situation and take money outside Britain. The new regulations apply to all players, of course, so that people all over the world can jump in as long as it lasts.

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