Bumped her car, ended up winning £200,000

Ella Prio, a 25 years old kindergarten teacher from Leeds bumped her car than ended up winning £200,000

Ella was having quite a usual day that Thursday. It was a regular afternoon until Ella hit a parking car as she tried to avoid a loose dog that ran in to the road.

Ella Prio

“I was really happy I didn’t hit the dog, but the hit on the car was quite bad and I thought my insurance would charge me £200 or so – it was more than double that at the end, but I really couldn’t care less” says Ella, on an email interview from her house in Leeds.

As Ella waited for the tow away truck by the center of Leeds, she ran across an ad on her phone about a 60 free spins promotion on SpiceBingo. She had nothing much to do, and so she thought it could be a nice way to pass on a bad afternoon, and ended up in a much better way.

“I was really upset after the crush, you can imagine. It was a really easy decision as I thought I could use some extra income. Never thought it would be that big, though” she says.

Ellas car after the minor crush

Ella says she has lost 8 pounds of her weight over the 3 months since. “It really changed my life. I started working out and I feel much better now.” Ella says she recommended that to all her friends, and three of them won nice amounts. “Non of them got the Scratchmania Jackpot I won, but some walked out with a nice £300-400 with small to no deposits.”

When we have tried here, 6 out of 15 ended up with £10 or more after the free spins ended. Jessica had the highest win and cashed out on £36. Dov had £22 and said he would play more at home over the weekend and tell us on Monday on his final wins.

We have also found a link that gives 10 extra free spins (to a total of 70), look for it!

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