They were about to leave Vegas empty handed when this happened

Sandy and Phil from Vancouver, Canada were on a trip to Vegas that didn’t go quite as they expected it.

They were on a budget so they chose the less fancy motels and played some slots and roulette for a couple of nights – on the last day there they had about $50 left on their gaming budget, and they planned to buy a discounted ticket to one of Vegas fancy shows.

As they were waiting the endless line at the discount tickets booth, Sandy saw an ad on her mobile for free slots spins, and thought she’d play a bit while they wait. It was no more than 5 minutes later when she realized they may not need to worry about those tickets anymore.


Winning while waiting


“She started screaming ‘I don’t believe it’… people were looking but she didn’t care”, Phil said to a local newspaper. “The amazing thing is that we were losing every game we played until that moment – we have had a rush of bad luck, and both of us were down. We both love Vegas, but until that moment it felt like it wasn’t our week.”

Sandy said she never thought she’d win the jackpot. “I have won some nice $300 pots over the years, and was really hopeful I could do it again so that we can get a nice closure to our trip, with some first row tickets and a nice dinner. We ended up extending our stay two more nights and had them the way Vegas should be” she said, smiling ear to ear.


Sandy, shortly after winning

How did she do it?


The slots she was playing were on a site called Gratorama, one of the new big online gaming sites. Sandy says she played a bit on Aladdin and Pyramid Spin games, then moved to the famous Gold Rush slots where she hit the jackpot. “At first it went really well with the free spins, then I lost my concentration and lost a bit, but I had the feeling something good was coming”. Sandy says she decided to deposit $20 after she told Phil about her feeling. “Phil was ok with it. I think he wanted to get back to the tables but he supported me and it turned out great”.


Our own experience


We have asked a few writers here to try their bonus – all reported they got the 70 free spins, and 3 out of 8 cashed out amounts of $25 to $45. The others lost their free credits. Alissa said she deposited $25 and cashed out on $500 a few minutes later, but no one at our team hit the jackpot.

On what we have seen, Sandy’s win was not of the big prize – that is currently more than $7 Million, but the second prize that is 10% of the jackpot – $773,604 at the time she has won.

The free spins promo ends November 12th, until then its available here.



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