American Powerball is now open to residents of Lebanon, reaches a new high of $750 Million

(Last Updated: 27-03-2019)

The website LottoSmile announced it accepts players from Lebanon, with no restrictions. It means Lebanese residents, even non-Americans, can play and win the amazing Powerball Jackpot!

Powerball Jackpot is now the highest its been this year, with $750,000,000 jackpot on the draw of 27-March (Wednesday).

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The structure of the draw is one which regular lottery players will be very familiar with; players must pick 5 regular numbers from a pool with a total of 69 numbers and in addition to these regular number picks, you also choose one bonus ball (known as the Powerball) from a pool of 26. These two pools of numbers are mutually exclusive and remain completely separate throughout the drawing procedure. In order to jackpot the US Powerball, you need to match all 5 regular numbers and the Powerball. Do this and you are instant Powerball millionaire – it’s as simple as that!

Playing online – you can choose between two options – group tickets and single ticket purchases.

An online group game ticket in the Powerball is the same concept as a work syndication for the lottery, only you don’t have to rely on the people in your vicinity – you can join a syndicate that is made up of hundreds of people scattered all across the globe. 

An entry of 3 lines – with number you choose (if you like) costs less than $15, and so is a share in a syndicate of 200 lines, or a bundle of 65 lines in syndication and one single line that is completely yours (my favorite).

Good Luck!


  1. Thank you, it works
    I played the draw yesterday and hit 3… Still I was losing but its OK because now the jackopt is bigger. Good luck Lebanon!

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